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Thank you for your faithfulness in financially supporting and praying for the Mission of the Loving Shepherd, Inc. Our quest is to point people to Jesus Christ wherever and whenever we can. MLS includes the ministries below. Please take a minute to read what is here. May it encourage and challenge you. God bless your day. (Lee)

Board of Director's Restructure:

We are happy to announce a restructure of our Board of Directors, and even happier to say that the Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank will continue to be with our team on the MLS Advisory Board. Louis A. Escobedo, Jr. has been voted in as President and Director of MLS. Sarita Escobedo will take the position of Vice President, Lee Escobedo will remain as our Treasurer, and Christine Escobedo will be our new Secretary. We ask for your prayers as we continue to spread the Gospel message of Christ.

Louis Escobedo Jr.


- December 2016

Note from Mercy (India)

We are building a school for nomadic children! (Mercy has received an award which is pretty special and amazing for her work in India) Please read bios and view pictures of India (here).

- March 2016

Exciting things are happening in India! Our last trip to India in March 2016 added five more MLS Pastors, bringing us up to 30 Pastors! They are spreading the Gospel message in 30 towns and villages.

During our visit, we were honored to cut the ribbon for a new church building dedicated to MLS India. A parcel of land has just recently been purchased for the construction of our second MLS India church building. Praise the Lord!

A big thank you to the donors who have recently given financial support to a specific nomadic tribe in need of 2 teachers and school supplies for 120 children.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue to support, pray, and communicate regularly with our friends and Pastors at MLS India.

God's Blessings,
Louis Escobedo Jr.


- December 2016

Note from Jose Luis (Mexico)

My father Pastor Jose Flores past away in August. This has been a difficult time of transition. Yet we are encouraged as we have been able to fix the roof of our church. This is a cause for us to be encouraged as we meet together. Thank you for your love and support. (see the pictures).

- August 2016

Today was a very special day. A day of remembrance, a day to acknowledge and reflect on the life of pastor Jose Flores Enriquez. Our Creator must have had an important assignment for my friend pastor Jose Flores to take him so soon, August 19,2016.

Even though Jose will not be here with us on earth anymore, we know the gift of eternal life promised to us through His Son our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Please join with us in prayer as we lift up the Flores family, friends, and loved ones. And especially our new pastor of Rey de Reyes church in Nogales Sonora Mexico, Jose Luis Flores.

Yes, you guessed it. Pastor Jose has been teaching, mentoring, and shaping his son to shepherd the Rey de Reyes congregation! Praise God! He is a young, clean cut, disciplined leader, with a beautiful voice and even plays the guitar. Most importantly he has the love of God in his heart and it shows.

Please pray for this very special group of loving people, and if you are able to help support their ministry, they certainly could use your help.

My prayer is that God will touch your heart and cause you to help fill their needs.

In His service,
Louis Escobedo Jr.

Funeral service at Rey de Reyes, Sonora Mexico


- January 2016

Hello, our services continue to be blessed by God. Recently we began meetings to invite the congregation to meditate on the death of Christ and to practice fasting. Traditionally, people stop eating red meat (beef), but are asking to not only do this, but are requesting our members to pray that others in our neighborhoods will know Jesus as Savior. I am preparing a booklet entitled KNOW WHY JESUS was CRUCIFIED.

Also, we recently have shown the movie THE PASSION OF CHRIST. Afterward, many came forward for prayer.

Brother Luis Escobedo taught us that no matter what the situation the mission of the church must carry on. We cannot be discouraged, though we feel alone or forgotten, because the Lord can deliver us from difficulty. I encourage our church (Rey de Reyes) to continue the ministry.

May God bless your efforts on our behalf. (Pastor Jose Flores)

* Pastor Jose had retina surgery. He has suffered some vision loss and is having trouble driving. Jose's wife is helping with driving and other duties while Jose is adjusting and healing.

Senior Chapel Services:

- December 2016

Note from Senior Chapel Services Lou and Christy are settling into their new location in Folsom, California. They are in the process of starting five more SCS services in Sacramento. (See Christmas letter on web site).

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