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A Mother's Prayer Avails Much
(James 5:16)

By: Lou Escobedo, Jr.

Every time my mother would call she would ask, "Mando, have you found a church yet?" I would reply, "No mom, and I'm not looking." One day, after praying and asking for twenty eight years - she called and asked again, "Mando, have you found a church yet?" I responded quite differently this time and with much excitement, "Yes Mom, I found a church and I'm singing in the choir." I could hear my mother bubbling over with joy and the excitement in her voice was that of a little girl. I will never forget that moment. Although being raised in a Christian family by missionary parents, the son of a Pastor, I wanted nothing to do with the church. I had no desire to find a church let alone sing in a choir! Something deep inside me had changed. You see my mother's prayers didn't stop after just one or two, they continued with fervor and persistence until the Lord answered.

On November 17, 2008 an undeniable transformation occurred in my life and I believe it was due to my mother's endless prayers for her spiritually blind son to see. My heart was changed from a self-centered, proud, uncompassionate, even arrogant person to a new creation full of love, compassion, and humility... now curious and desiring to know about this God my mother and father faithfully served so many years.

I am filled with much joy knowing that my mother and father were able to see their lost son finally make his way back home... truly witnessing the fruit of their prayers. So what about you? Have you found a church yet? It could be that you just might find your church and a place to serve at your local retirement home. Look for our new ministry branch of MLS (Senior Ministries) coming soon to retirement homes nationwide. Check the website or email us for more information.

Covered In His Love,

Louis Escobedo, Jr. (Mando).

"We Dare To Believe"
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