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Our Mission and Vision Statement

In 1965, a dream was born in the hearts of Louis and Dorothea Escobedo. They heard the call to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Mexico. Today the Mission (MLS) continues to affirm the faith of the believer, offer hope, and encourage growth in Christ worldwide. Today we operate in the United States, in Mexico, and in India, reaching a variety of people with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our targeted audience is everyone, anywhere and includes the bruised, broken, abused, and outcasts in our society. It also includes those who are lonely, who are disconnected from God, and those who are searching to know the depth of love that only God can give.

And so, we strive to teach, equip, and send, specifically providing what is necessary to ignite the gospel message locally and globally, and even reach the villages and individual huts around the world.

First, and foremost, we are invited to care for the people of God by bringing faith, hope, and love to the hurting world. Thus, we are united by God for a common purpose: Feeding bodies and souls for Jesus Christ. To provide sustenance for those in need, is our goal. Sustenance is about food that energizes us and sustenance is about souls that are filled.

Our mission statement is:
     "Feed the body, Feed the soul!"

Our current expressions of this mission statement are:

1. MLS-Mexico - The original church that was birthed in Mexico, Rey de Reyes (King of Kings), continues to reach out to the neighborhood and bring worship and training in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.
2. MLS-India - 25 churches are bringing the gospel to people who are in dire need of help and hope in and around Nagalapuram, India.
3. Senior Chapel Services - SCS brings chapel services to places where people are homebound. We currently operate 6 chapel services in Idaho and Arizona, with plans to expand throughout the United States. This ministry touches the precious souls who are often forgotten and lonely.
4. Mission Training School (MTS) - one of the original dreams birthed included training programs for Christians in various churches to help them become missionaries in their own context, and to endure through difficult times. This includes conference training, online devotions, retreat settings for local church transformation, and published books and information. Our future home for the MTS, and for Mission of the Loving Shepherd overall, is the Rancho Grande.
5. Soul Sunday with Virtuous Productions - providing experiential events and productions that increase our connections to God.

The scriptures that provide focus for the Mission of the Loving Shepherd are:

John 21:15-19 - Jesus asks Peter to "Feed my sheep."
Matthew 25:35-40 - Jesus: "When you did it to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me."
Matthew 14:16 - Feeding of the 5000, Jesus tells disciples "YOU feed them."
Matthew 22:9-10 - Parable of the wedding party: all were invited

The logo: Mission building with a cross on the steeple and a Shepherd's Staff at the door.

A Shepherd cares for the sheep by feeding, guiding, and protecting. The shepherd waters the soul, soothes the pains, and calls out the names of the sheep. The Mission of the Loving Shepherd seeks to follow the way of The Shepherd, Jesus Christ. We pray God guides us with wisdom, mercy, and grace.

"We Dare To Believe"
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