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Dear MLS-USA family greetings from MLS-INDIA!

We are greatly delighted writing this report to you. This report is about our pastor K RAJA who has been with us last few years, doing good job on his assignments he is living in KALANJERI village which is 5 miles away from our head office NAGALAPURAM. He did his bible course of 2 years in southern bible college CHENNAI in 1982 being a Christian family since from his childhood he had been a vision to become a preacher by the grace of Lord Jesus his dream came true.

After completion of his bible course he had started his gospel through distributing pamphlets for few years then he realized that this sort of gospel is reaching to few educated people then he decided to expand his gospel through public places, at farm lands and public gatherings. Now he has a Church of his own at Kalanjeri village in the name of MLS-INDIA and he has 80 believers in the church. He is being conducted Sunday service, Friday fasting prayers. Recently he had given Baptism to a woman called Velamma about 55 year old who had been a Hindu worshipper since her childhood and two young man and woman names respectively BABUJI and NANDINI. All three of them are belongs to same village Kalanjeri. All these 3 persons were belongs to same village and hardcore Hindu family but our pastor's gospel turned them to believe in Jesus and his deliverance. The lady Velamma now gave her life to Lord Jesus and started going along with Pastor Raja for gospel service. The two young man and woman are going to marry they felt that almighty has touched them and healed them. Entreaty in the name of Jesus to his blessings and love on pastor RAJA and his gospel.

Thanks and regards,

Mrs. Mercy, Director (MLS-INDIA).
Andhra Pradesh.

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Greetings to all family members of MLS-USA.

By the grace of almighty Jesus everything is fine here and we hope the same from you all. Here we are sending the testimony of Mr. ABRAHAM one of our pastors of MLS-INDIA.

Mr. ABRAHAM has been working in Kampalayam village for the last 15 years which is 25 KM away from his home town. He has about 40 members in his church and most of them are from a non-christian community. He holds his gospel service in the village at fellow believers' houses which is being offered by some of the church members. Apart from Sunday service, he holds evening prayer every Wednesday, fasting and prayer on every Friday for women, and Sunday school for children and youths. Recently he has been visiting a few neighboring villages in and around his village. One of the villages that he is visiting is KALAVAKUR which is again 25 KM away from his service place Kampalayam. From this village most of the people are not Christians, we can say typically they are orthodox HINDU believers.

He chose to visit this place as he took it as a challenge. At the beginning of his visit to this village there was a protest by a group from the village that had not allowed our pastor ABRAHAM to enter, but he did not lose his hope. He started meeting some young people at the outside of the village and he started speaking to people that his visit was not for the religious conversion but teachings of Jesus. Gradually people believed in Him and our pastor to teach Christ in their village. He has been visiting this village for the last six months now and almost 30 to 40 members are attending his gospel service in the same village. His determination and prayers are making a difference in the village. As a result, some of them are offering their place to hold a gospel service. Now our pastor, Mr. ABRAHAM, is visiting this village every Sunday evening to hold a prayer meeting.

On June 27th he had held a prayer meeting for the village people. There were about 50 people who participated in this blessed meeting. This meeting was held in the presence of our Director, Mrs. Mercy. We all believe it was a blessed gospel service because where our pastor had once been restricted by the people of the village, the same people became believers of Christ and participated in the holy gospel service. The photos of the gospel service are enclosed with this email. All this is happening only because of you, your prayers, and financial support through MLS INDIA. May GOD Jesus propagate His love all over the world; and as part of our role, we will take responsibility to spread our heavenly Father's love across INDIA. We are sure that we will reach it. We are praying for this holy mission to reach every corner of our country. Praise the Lord. Pray for our pastors and MLS INDIA.

Mercy In India

The story begins with a infant baby girl found on the side of the river naked and abandoned by her mother, left to die. A pastor walking along the shore found her and took her to his Christian house and raised her as his own. Fast forward, March 2016 while visiting India, we found ourselves in her home as guests. Miss Mercy is now in her late 30's.

After traveling half way around the world, I stepped out of the airport in Chennai India. The heat and humidity was so bad at about 2:30 in the morning it staggered me, I wondered how I would survive! Next were the mosquitoes, we were told they carried malaria, and on top of that our ride was no where to be found!

There were hundreds and hundreds of desperate native people waiting to solicit their services as we walked from the airport toward the parking lot. Fear began to creep into my thoughts; had I done the right thing by coming here? Would we make it out of here alive? We were told the people spoke English, but I could hardly understand a word they said!

I looked and looked, still no driver, no one to pick us up from the airport. As the people crowded in toward us we would retreat back toward the safety of the airport. Each attempt took us further from the safety of the airport, and deeper into this crowd of people, and their world of hopeless, poverty and despair. After arriving in the town of Nagalapuram India,and feeling the love of the people we knew we were in good hands. We have many stories to share about our journey and the love of God demonstrated to us. Once back home I realized the biggest need is for two teachers, books,and pencils to provide basic education for 120 children from one nomadic tribe. Pastor John is estimating $200 per month for the two teachers and supplies. The need is great, if you can help, please do so.

May God bless you richly!
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Lou Escobedo Jr.

A note from Mercy

"The recent rains caused flooding and damaged our crops. We ask for your prayers for relief. Many people are in a desperate situation and are in need of God's mercy. We have a Savior who is most concerned for our every need. We trust Jesus in this difficult time."

Respected madam,
We are fine and we hope same from yours madam. Sorry to say we sadly inform to you that our MLS INDIA pastor Wilson was expired madam. Because of heavy rain and flood taken place in our ministry area. Pastor Wilson sick from 5 days and due to heavy rain and flood he struggled breathing problem and night he was died madam. Please pray for his family.

Yours faithfully
Mrs. Mercy.
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Respected Madam,

MLS INDIA conducted and completed last month a pastors support meeting on 1st July 2015 Wednesday successfully. All our pastors participated actively and three pastors gave a message about the Lord Jesus Christ and they are very happy for your kind help and monthly support.

All the pastors great to you, your family and MLS USA Church people one and all. Please pray for all our pastors and their families.

Thanking You,
With faith, Hope and Love


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Greetings from MLS-India, Nagalapuram-517589-AP-South India

Respected Madam,

Our prayers are for your guidance, advice and help through our mighty, marvelous and glorious God and the grace of our Savior Christ Jesus.

Once more we thank you very, very much for your kind support. Our financial circumstances are not good but your provision helps greatly and we appreciate what you are doing through your donors. Together we wait on our Lord.

At the end of August we had our monthly pastors meeting and we were able to provide lunch. Here is my report to you as you requested.

Please note my list of pastors with their names, work place and church member's details (2 Attachments). We have 45 pastors but I have listed 25 plus Mercy, my wife, and myself because that is all we can financially support currently.

MLS - INDIA PASTORS Loving Shepherd Mission Church DETAILS

Also I'm including some information about the Rev. Louis & Dorothea Orphanage. The children are in need of monthly support of $15 each. Additional monthly costs are for food $165, administration expenses (electricity etc.) $75 and a one time annual cost of $240. Please pray and help when and where you are able. Status: Total children are 32, Male: 11, Female: 21, 6 female are married and have left the orphanage. The rest of 26 are with MLS - INDIA. Once again the remaining children's always need your prayers and are waiting for financial assistance.

God bless you and be with you Madam/Sir. Thanking you.
Yours in His service,

Rev. Madhi
Regards from Mercy

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