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Mission of the Loving Shepherd (MLS) is an Independent Lutheran Missionary Enterprise, established in August 1965 in Nogales, Arizona, by its founders, Rev. Louis Escobedo and Dorothea Escobedo. From the beginning we have known we are to have a Missionary Training School to train missionaries for the world. God has given us a land which we take by faith. He has given us over 47 years of experience, to teach and train men, women and children for mission duties and endurance.

MEXICO: Beginning in 1963, Louis and Dorothea Escobedo were missionaries to Mexico, training pastors and establishing churches.
RUSSIA: In 1993, with a team of twelve, Dorothea served in Russia under Co-Mission, teaching in the public schools the Morals and Ethics curriculum from the open Bible. She was stationed in St. Petersburg most of that time and spent six weeks in Kislovosk at the Caucasus foothills setting up for a new team coming in. Louis joined them for a month teaching in schools. Dorothea and Louis returned to Russia two years later for a month to encourage, teach, and hold Bible studies.
INDIA: Louis was involved in India work for twelve years, traveling there at least once a year. MLS-INDIA was registered with the India government, January 2002. Dorothea went to India for eight years teaching pastors, and visiting their village congregations with Louis. They went there immediately after the 2004 Tsunami. At that time an orphanage was established with 19 Tsunami orphans, now 35. The work has grown rapidly. MLS-USA gave over $20,000 for the Tsunami cause.


Spreading the Good News of Jesus, Savior and Lord has always been our goal. The Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) is for each and every believer. We believe every supporter of missions; by prayer, work parties, or dollars, are missionaries obeying the commission of Jesus. We must go, give or pray earnestly!


LOUIS A. ESCOBEDO was born in El Paso, Texas, on October 11, 1932, making him fourth generation in the U.S. He enlisted with the Navy for four years and then became a professional photographer at a theatrical studio in Hollywood, California. While in Seattle, Washington, he met his future wife, Dorothea, who brought him to her church where he received Christ in his heart and a passion for missions. After attending the California Lutheran Bible School in Los Angeles, California, he and Dorothea moved to Nogales, Arizona in August, 1965, to establish the Mission of the Loving Shepherd, which included a missionary training school. Later, he received his Masters of Divinity from the Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa and became an ordained minister in the Loving Shepherd Lutheran Church in Nogales, Arizona. Besides preaching and directing business at the Mission of the Loving Shepherd, he has written movie scripts about Jeremiah the prophet and The Skins of Adam. Pastor Escobedo passed into heaven on January 10, 2013 after a brief illness.

DOROTHEA M. ESCOBEDO was born in Ashland, Oregon on May 30, 1929. She has been a missionary since January, 1963. In 1965 she and her husband, Lou, together founded the Mission of the Loving Shepherd, a missionary enterprise, in Nogales, Arizona near the Mexican border. In addition to her regular mission activities, she travels on speaking tours throughout the United Sates. Dorothea devoted years to Biblical studies, which gave her in-depth insights into the Holy Scriptures. She was a Bible teacher at the Missionary Training School, which prepared lay people for missionary service. Her experience and more than 47 years of study and research in twenty-three countries, including ancient libraries, art galleries and museums, plus Bible study since childhood, gave her rich insight into God's Word and made her a leader and authority in Christian ministry. In the summer of 1974 she went with a consortium of theological schools and universities on a "Joint Archaeological Expedition to Caesarea Maritima" in Israel. Dorothea was a pastor's wife, mother of six grown children and grandmother of thirteen and great-grandmother of eleven (and four in the works). She started writing at age sixteen and has authored three books and three sets of greeting cards. Dorothea entered heaven a little over six months after her husband on June 23, 2013.

Read: In Remembrance: The Evangel; No.167, May-July 2013, pg.5
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Their children are Lee, Allan, Cherie, Dottie, Sarita, and Louis Jr. ("Mando")

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