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"We are fine with God's grace and our marvelous mighty Master's blessing of our MLS-INDIA Ministries. All are going on very smoothly. Please extend my regards to your family, friends and MLS-USA churches."
Current Status & Needs for
the Mission of the Loving Shepherd

Monthly Expenses:
  • Mexico, India, and SCS (Senior Chapel Services) $2,110
  • Miscellaneous: $0 to ???
Break down of expenses:
  • Mercy (India) support $200.00
  • India pastors support 27x30= $810.00
  • Jose (Mexico) support $600.00
  • Lou & Christy Escobedo (Senior Chapel Services) support $500.00
  • Miscellaneous: (stamps, office supplies, and Arizona Corporation Comission filing fees)
Incoming donations designated for the Mission of the Loving Shepherd go into the MLS general account. Any unspecified donations go into the MLS general account to assist meeting all monthly expenses. Designated donations for MLS-Mexico, MLS-India, or SCS (Senior Chapel Services) go into the MLS account and are applied as designated.

If you have a special designation please let us know where you'd like your donations to be applied. An example may be: memorials.

Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation to The Mission of the Loving Shepherd. Your gift is vital to our goal of training missionaries for service all over the world.

You can make an online donation by clicking DONATE:

Or, you can mail your donation to:

Mission of the Loving Shepherd, Inc.
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Tucson, Arizona 85740

"We Dare To Believe"
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