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President and Director
Louis Escobedo, Jr. (Mando) grew up in Nogales, Arizona, son to the Founders, Louis, Sr. and Dorothea Escobedo. He met his wife Christy in Sacramento, CA in 1989. They settled in Camino, California on a Christmas tree farm and worked as Arborists and Landscape Contractors for 10 years. Decided it was time for a serious change, and did they get it! They moved to Idaho in 2005 and had a head-on collision with God; He won and everything in their lives changed. Their business was closed, moved to Boise, Idaho, enrolled in Bible College, lived and worked at a Christian Retirement Home. With the prompting of a Christian mentor and brother in Christ, they started Senior Chapel Services in 2012 providing church services to Independent and Assisted Living residents. After two years of school, and the passing of his parents, Lou felt the Lord calling him back home to Arizona to help with the restarting of the M.L.S. ministry, an established 50-year non-profit ministry that his parents pioneered long ago. They have landed in Tucson in late spring of 2015 and are committed whole-heartedly and full time to this ministry and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Vice President
Sarita Escobedo is the founder of Virtuous Productions, a 13 year old dance centre in Boca Raton, Florida. She is a Master Ballroom Trainer who loves teaching and creating a space where people can gather and enjoy each others company while learning to dance! She also teaches Acting for Camera and is a Stage Presence Coach. Sarita enjoys building things; from companies to choreography to websites!

She has taught many large partner dance workshops, using the dance as an analogy for use in relationships as well as using the same for Wedding Dance Choreography and teaching the couple how to relate to one another with equal value, but different roles. Sarita also works with special needs children and adults, wheelchair dancers and dances with the elderly. Sarita has grown the business with a passion that can only come from one who understands her purpose beyond herself.

She enjoys visiting her two grown daughters, Ashley & Chelsea and her two young grandsons, EJ and Owen.

Christy Escobedo grew up in Fair Oaks CA, a suburb outside of Sacramento. She attended Sierra College and Sacramento State University, and started work at Fed Ex. She married Lou Escobedo, Jr. in 1994, moved to Camino, CA and joined forces with her husband growing Christmas trees and building a Tree & Landscape business in the heart of Apple Hill. In 2005 they picked up and moved to beautiful Idaho, and there Lou and Christy experienced a movement of God that would change the course of their lives forever. As Lou entered Bible College, Christy went to work for a Christian Retirement Home in Boise, Idaho. There a ministry was born, Senior Chapel Services. A brief 1 years down in the Southwest - Tucson AZ, and now back in California where she calls home.

Lee Escobedo
Finance and Administration
Lee Escobedo has 25-plus years in Christian radio and in his current writing on his inspirational blog. He has only one goal: to point people to Jesus. This is his goal because the best action anyone can take for themselves is to accept God's free gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus. The benefit of doing this provides both temporary and eternal rewards. Everyday a person can learn and experience more of the intimate relationship given up in the Garden of Eden and restored by the completed work of Christ. Lee says he really can't remember a time when God hasn't been in his thoughts. His parents helped shape his desire to respect God's story and tell anyone who would listen about the Lord's wonderful good news. Like his mother and father, he hopes to point people to Jesus until the day he leaves this short-term life for never-ending life. Visit his web site at http://leesniteradio.com/

Advisory Board
  • Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank
  • Dr. Jim Frank
  • Carol Escobedo
  • Harry Drummond, MD

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