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How to have Hope for the Hard Days
A Study of the Three Js

Who likes to suffer?

Does suffering have a purpose? If so, what is the purpose of suffering?

Can suffering work for you instead of against you?

I hate to suffer. Suffering makes me angry. I've prayed for God to end my suffering. Was this prayer misguided?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I needed relief. The Lord gave me relief by reminding me of three case studies. Job, Joseph, and Jesus.

See if relief doesn't also come to you.

Second Case Study: Joseph

Joseph was a favored son. Joseph's father, Jacob, pampered him. Joseph felt privileged. Joseph seemed a little arrogant. Joseph dreamed dreams and told his family about them. Joseph's jealous brothers despised him.

One day his brothers saw a chance to rid themselves of Joseph. They sold him into slavery. They told Jacob, "Joseph is dead."

Meanwhile, Joseph became a respected slave until his Master's (Potiphar) wife accused Joseph of rape. Joseph went to prison. Joseph suffered humiliation and appeared forgotten. Joseph's dreams were unfulfilled.

In spite of Joseph's misery, God did not abandon him. Joseph remained faithful to God in prison. God delivered Joseph.

Joseph interpreted a dream for Pharaoh. Joseph became Pharaoh's second in command. Joseph's dreams became reality.

Read the story of Joseph. Journal your thoughts. Genesis 37-50.

(Continue with Case Study 3 on Jesus)  

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