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Love to Last a Lifetime
By Dorothea M. Escobedo

     Love is thought of as such a common thing. Yet, love is a unique and extraordinary adventure. Don't just try it, dare to live it!
      The journey of love and marriage is so special and it seems it’s reserved for too few. For me a breath of fresh air came when Louis Escobedo entered my life.
      Louis loved me from our first meeting and never stopped loving me through each 56 years of our marriage.
      I’m thrilled that our ministry, Mission of the Loving Shepherd, will continue presently through our children. The mission is a great love that Louis and I shared.
      It’s so hard for me to spend hours flat on my back. It feels as if I’m unable to contribute what I want and need to do. I feel like I'm not doing enough, only half a job. But then again, I’m witnessing a fulfillment of prayer.
      I will continue working at recovering and work towards completing the writing of many more books.
Following is a summary of some of the work that the mission started. We would greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support to meet its ongoing needs.

      In August 1964, we moved to Nogales to begin the Mission of the Loving Shepherd. Rev. Louis Escobedo started visiting people in the neighborhoods of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. He found people who were hungry and naked, so he began bringing them food, clothing, and prayed for anyone who asked.
      His first church, he says, was on a telephone pole. The pole was laying on the ground, and it made a good pew while he preached. He started six house churches, where he led Bible studies and singing. At Alberto’s and Paubla’s house, they gathered for church, and the people dug a hole in the dirt floor, so that the tall preacher could stand without hitting his head. In addition, he put in 2 miles of electric poles on undeveloped land with Inez Flores.
      Later, Rev. Escobedo formed Rey de Reyes Iglesia Luterana, and a church building was completed. He trained 60 pastors in Mexico to start new churches. They were Lutheran and other denominations. He started a church in Caborca, Mexico. Many more Lutheran churches were started under his leadership that were led by lay pastors.
      The Escobedos led Summer Youth Programs from 1965 until recently, ministering to Lutheran youth from all over the United States.
      Rev. Escobedo also worked in the jails, visiting and ministering to prisoners.
      Many who have been involved with the Mission of the Loving Shepherd remember all the stories of when God answered prayers and healed; of when people were given hope; of when all the hungry were fed and all the naked children were clothed. The work that began in Mexico will continue to bear much fruit.

      Mom went to Russia for a year with CoMission, and Dad joined her for one month. He talked to school children about Jesus, and returned two years later to continue to minister and encourage those they had met. Dad even learned a little Russian.

      While Dad served on the Commission for World Missions for the AALC, he read a letter from a pastor in India, asking for help. Dad went there to check it out, and they began a new ministry, called Mission of the Loving Shepherd-India. They have travelled back and forth there for 14 years, and while they began working with 45 pastors, they now are working with 200. After the Tsumami hit, they worked with one town that had been devastated, and began an orphanage for 18 children who had lost both parents. That grew to 40 children being cared for.
      Dad also ministered in Estonia and Latvia with the AALC, Commission for World Missions.

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