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The Significance of Christmas
(Advent-touch down)

Words have meaning, don't they?

For instance consider three words that frame this event: CHRISTMAS.

Consider synonyms for:
    1. light,
    2. darkness, and
    3. advent.
A sentence can be formed with these three words describing Christmas:
  • Light has invaded the darkness, advent is here.
Light = brightness, radiance, daylight, intensity, brilliance, blaze, glow, sunbeam, enlightenment, clarification.

Darkness = dreary, gloom, night, sinister, threatening, evil, end of the day, shadows, insignificance.

Advent = arrival, entrance, appearance, start, launch, beginning, introduction, sunrise, new day, preamble.

Now using these three words (if I personalize this) one sentence explaining Christmas might be:
God's brilliance has penetrated my world's gloom because of Jesus.

What's your sentence?

Lou and Christy Escobedo

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